Premium Partner to the aerospace industry

We consider that each customer is special, therefore we offer a dedicated and customized attention ensuring:
• One-Hub source for the supply of the large range of our products
• Proactive technical support, customer service and direct contact with our commercial partners
• Warranty of quality for deliveries (traceability, shelf-life, certificates of conformity)
• Covering all the Aerospace specifications & qualifications : MIL, BMS, AIP, OEMs
• Maximum flexibility on orders (lead-Time, MOQ, deliveries, forecast management)
• Long-term partnership & contracts with the main actors of the Aerospace industry

We storage all the perishable materials in our cold rooms
We process and storage all the other products in a temperature and humidity controlled area, with special attention to vacuum bagging materials

In addition Avio Commerciale offers the following special services:

Sacchi a vuoto

• Tailored made vacuum bags fully equipped