The company was founded in 1997 by Dr. Ing. Rinaldo Losi with the aim to distribute consumables to the Aerospace industry and to the composite processors.

Beside Avio Commerciale, sharing experiences and resources, there is Dr Ing. Rinaldo Losi company, dedicated to Henkel Aero products.

In our team, 12 people are specialized on order, stock & logistic management, quality matter and customer service.
Our warehouse is about 1600 sqm, including a temperature controlled area. The company is EN9120 certified for the Aerospace Industry.

Avio Commerciale & Rinaldo Losi over the years have strengthened their know-how on Henkel & Airtech products and developed businesses and partnerships with the main Aerospace OEMs such as Leonardo (Alenia Aermacchi, Agusta Westland), Thales Alenia Space, GE Avio Aero, Snecma Maroc, Figeac Aero, Wipro India, as well as with Ferrari and Lamborghini in the automotive industry.